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Get more insight with easy-to-use and understand reporting. Get real-time updates and understand your data easily with advanced visual analytics.

Take Advantage of Your RMH Store or RMH Central data

Save time and effort with a visual analytics tool in the cloud. Dashboards, alerts and automated email reports help your whole organization to keep up to date with your business. Use with any device from anywhere.

Zoined Solution Benefits

Saving time Visual, dynamic and fast. Alerts and automated email reports. Use with any device from anywhere.

Reduce manual work by up to 5h / store / month

Assortment, inventory and workforce optimization, cross-sell and up-sell improvements Analyse stores, sales personnel, suppliers, products and customers with interactive reports and dashboards.

Increase visitor conversion rates by up to 16% and margins from campaigns by up to 30%

Visibility within and between stores. Integrating data from all relevant business systems Add data from systems such as visitor counters or workforce planning. Set KPI targets and like-for-like comparisons.

Increase sales by up to 15% in the low performing stores

Demand forecasting. Deeper customer understanding Take advantage of AI: Forecast demand better and optimize your purchases. Understand your customer segments better.

Reduce inventory costs by up to 20 % and increase product availability by up to 30%


About Zoined

Zoined provides an out-of-the-box reporting and analytics service for different roles from top management to individual employees on store or restaurant level.

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