Retail Management Hero is excited to announce MS POS GmbH as its exclusive distributor for Central Europe. 

"We are pleased to be partnering with MS POS who have a demonstrated track record of retail technology expertise, channel development, and customer success." said Jeff Riley, CEO of Retail Management Hero. "The team at MS POS has been working hard to help us understand and meet the unique needs of retailers in Central Europe and expand our global reach by joining our partner community."

MS POS has more than 15 years of experience in POS implementations for retail businesses offering consulting, software development, hardware and support services throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Their motivated team of employees specialize in IT, retail, and restaurant industry knowledge and multilingual support to assure customer needs are met consistently, smoothly, and competently. 

"MS POS thinks that RMH is the perfect fit for our product range. It covers retails chains with smaller shops and offers extensive functionality on POS and Backoffice with a proven and very flexible database and an attractive price model." said Konstantin Gergianakis, Owner of MS POS GmbH.


For more information or a reseller application, contact:

Konstantin Gergianakis

Tel: +49 2154 81254-10


For RMH distribution opportunities, contact