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Hardware Store POS


Streamline Your Hardware Store Operations with RMH POS

Hardware stores have a reputation for having multiple options for a wide variety of items. RMH POS is the ultimate point-of-sale solution specifically tailored for hardware stores. At RMH, we understand the unique challenges faced by hardware retailers and offer a seamless, efficient, and intuitive system to manage your business operations.

Benefits for Hardware Store

Inventory Management

RMH Store offers robust inventory management features. Easily track and manage a wide range of hardware products, from tools and electrical supplies to plumbing and garden equipment.

Dynamic Pricing Options

Cater to a diverse clientele with flexible pricing, including bulk pricing, promotions, and discounts, ensuring competitive pricing strategies.

Integrated Loyalty Programs

Build customer loyalty in the customer database with integrated loyalty programs. Reward your regular customers and track their purchase history for tailored promotions.

Efficient Checkout Process

Speed up transactions with an easy-to-use interface, supporting barcode scanning and quick search options, to ensure a smooth checkout experience for your customers.

Multi-Store Management

Effortlessly manage multiple hardware store locations with centralized control over inventory, pricing, and sales data.

Detailed Reporting

Make informed business decisions with comprehensive reporting features. Gain insights into sales trends, inventory levels, and customer preferences.

Customizable Interface

Tailor the RMH POS system to fit the specific needs of your hardware store, ensuring maximum efficiency and ease of use.

Streamline Work Orders

Easily track and add items to work orders for an efficient checkout at a later time.


With RMH, running a hardware store becomes more streamlined and efficient. Embrace a solution that offers advanced technology to handle your specific retail needs, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving business growth.

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Ready to Elevate Your Hardware Store?

Experience the difference with RMH POS. Contact us with questions or schedule a free demo and see how we can transform your hardware store operations. Join the multitude of satisfied retailers who have already made the switch to Retail Management Hero.

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Whether you’re a thriving start-up or a long-time Microsoft RMS partner or user, we invite you to discover the simplicity, functionality and security that makes Retail Management Hero™ one of the industry’s most sought-after retail POS solutions.

Get in touch with our staff to schedule a free demo, or reach out to learn more about how our innovative software suite can help make your retail operation more effective and easy to manage.