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Innovative POS Technology to Supercharge Your Comic Book Sales

The evolving needs of today’s thriving comic book stores are more demanding than ever before. With sprawling inventories that are constantly changing, new competitors seeking greater marketshare, and the ever-changing value of rare and special editions, having a point-of-sale system that simplifies day-to-day operations can mean the difference between success and lackluster sales.

RMH Store from Retail Management Hero is a state-of-the-art POS solution packed with features and functions that traditional point-of-sales systems simply can’t contend with. In addition to simplifying the way you process payments, RMH Store gives you far greater control of your inventory management, daily reporting, in-store promotions, loyalty programs and so much more. Track sales with ease, look up or reorder popular editions instantly, or manage promotions and events in real time to adapt to the needs of your shop.

Benefits for Comic Book Stores


A host of powerful back-office features give you more control when it comes to managing your inventory, replenishing sold-out prints, or introducing new titles into your POS system.


RMH Store was designed to be incredibly powerful, despite how easy it is to learn and utilize. A simple design packed with innovative features makes it a must-have for comic book stores.


With its intuitive features, clean design, and graphic-based user interface, RMH Store is incredibly easy to learn, allowing your staff to provide an unmatched level of customer service.

"RMH has vastly improved my day-to-day business. It allows me to put in a ton of additional details beyond what is automatically imported through ComicSuite to ensure each item listed is as specific as possible. It also allows me to run detailed reports to see transactions, inventory movement, and more and includes some links in the reports to help me drill down on sales, who bought what and when as well as how many were bought and the costs associated as well as the sales price. I sometimes automate discounts on certain items and sell certain items on consignment. RMH helps me run specific reports so I can make sure the consignment sales are properly distributed to the person and include breakdowns so I can see how much we made vs the person we’re consigning items for on a regular basis. RMH allows me to drill down on a ton more areas of my business so I can get proper snapshots of where we are, what we need, and where we’re headed."

Jeff Beck

Owner of East Side Mags

Advanced Features for Comic Book Stores

In light of how many features come standard with every RMH Store POS, it remains one of the easiest to integrate and utilize. Now, you can instantly look up titles—even rare and hard-to-find editions—with greater ease, reorder on the fly, launch promotions or create loyalty programs with just a few clicks. Here are just a few of its most impressive benefits:

Get an instant snapshot of your current inventory, allowing you to know when it’s time to reorder your best-selling titles or discount those that aren’t selling well.

Looking for a fast, efficient way to create completely customized loyalty and reward programs? RMH makes it easy to keep your best customers coming back.

Look-up titles by publisher, author, ISBN numbers, and more, along with detailed pictures of cover art to help prevent items from being rung up incorrectly.

An intuitive POS interface makes transactions fast and accurate, while programmable quick-access buttons put your most popular titles and commands at your fingertips.

RMH Store makes creating promotions easier than ever. Develop, track, or adjust promotions with ease using pre-set sale dates, BOGO offers, titles, and more!

Payment integration that allows you to accept even more payment types, as well as gift cards and house accounts. Or, create custom gift cards to enhance your branding!

Discover the Real Superhero of POS Technology

Interested in discovering how RMH Store can give you even greater control over inventory management, payments, promotions, reporting, and customer loyalty programs? Contact RMH Hero today to request a demo and get started!

Retail is Always Changing, so You Need a Flexible POS Solution

Interested in seeing firsthand how our RMH Store software can benefit your business? Request a demo to get started.

Whether you’re a thriving start-up or a long-time Microsoft RMS partner or user, we invite you to discover the simplicity, functionality, and security that makes Retail Management Hero™ one of the industry’s most sought-after retail POS solutions.

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