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Innovative POS Technology for Music Stores and Instrument Sellers

It makes no difference whether you sell vinyl records, CDs, instruments, equipment, music apparel, memorabilia or a combination of them all, it’s safe to assume that you know how much goes into managing such as diverse inventory of products. What many music retailers aren’t aware of, is the impact that your store’s POS system can have on so many aspects of daily sales, reporting, inventory management, and more.

Retail Management Hero’s RMH Store is an advanced, feature-packed Point of Sale solution that was designed with music stores and retailers in mind. It allows you to quickly and accurately generate a wide range of detailed reports, while simplifying the way you manage your inventory, look up items, replenish stock, and more. Create custom loyalty programs, launch promotions, or integrate today’s most innovative extensions to simplify operations and provide a more rewarding customer experience.

Benefits for Music Stores


RMH Store comes standard with powerful tools that make managing diverse inventories less complicated. Look up specific artists, roll-out new releases, or reorder popular titles.


Packed with a vast array of advanced features, RMH Store’s POS technology integrates seamlessly into most systems and was uniquely designed to be easy for staff to learn quickly.


With RMH Store, you can implement custom loyalty programs to reward your regular customers and them keep coming back. Customize accounts, reward parameters, and more!

Advanced Features for Retail Music Stores

RMH Store was developed especially for those who manage complex inventories, making it ideal for music stores and those who sell instruments, music apparel, and more. Simplify the way you manage your music store’s inventory, generate detailed reports, launch promotions, or check stock in real time with ease.

Built-in technology that allows you to effortlessly create and implement loyalty and reward programs, based on a wide range of variables for better engagement.

RMH Store features a user-friendly matrix layout that makes searching your inventory more accurate and less stressful, a must-have for those with thousands of SKUs.

The freedom to look-up items in the manner that’s most convenient to you. Search by artist, SKU, record label, release date, and more, with images to help confirm accuracy.

RMH Store’s POS interface is configured with keyboard, scanner, or touch screen input, and personalized quick-access buttons to expedite popular titles and commands.

Running a sale, promoting a new title, or hosting an in-store performance? RMH Store comes standard with features that let you create and manage events and promotions.

If you’re looking to offer your customers more diverse payment method options, we make it simple. Easily integrate today’s newest and most popular forms of digital payment.

Explore the Next Generation of Music Store POS Technology

If you’re ready for a POS system that’s specifically designed to handle the volume, diversity, and ever-changing needs of your music store, we invite you to discover how powerful, rewarding, and easy to use it can be. Get in touch today to schedule a free demonstration!

Retail is Always Changing, so You Need a Flexible POS Solution

Interested in seeing firsthand how our RMH Store software can benefit your business? Request a demo to get started.

Whether you’re a thriving start-up or a long-time Microsoft RMS partner or user, we invite you to discover the simplicity, functionality, and security that makes Retail Management Hero™ one of the industry’s most sought-after retail POS solutions.

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