Whether you’re in the process of opening your first retail store, or have been in business for years and looking to do more than your current point of sales system is capable of, the POS technology available for today’s retailers is nothing short of astounding. Some of todays’ more advanced point of sales systems aren’t merely limited to transaction tracking and payment processing, as they now allow retailers to simplify and streamline aspects of their operation that once required completely separate systems.

Retail store worker using point of sale systemAs one of the industry’s leading providers of POS systems for retail stores, Retail Management Hero offers a diverse selection of solutions to help retailers keep transaction fees under control, while providing a wealth of features that help with everything from marketing to inventory management. Here’s just a sampling of what our technology can do for your store:

  • Secure payment integration to accept virtually any form of payment
  • Set up promotions easily to capitalize on overstock, seasonal, and more
  • Quick access features to help save time with common items and actions
  • Effortlessly integrate loyalty programs to reward your regular customers
  • An intuitive POS interface that streamlines transactions and reports
  • Issue fully-customized gift cards with your store’s logo, colors, and more
  • Easy integration with QuickBooks and other popular accounting software

The features mentioned above represent just a fraction of what’s possible with our innovative point of sales systems. We invite you to visit our Industries page to learn more about the various POS solutions we offer, or get in touch with a member of our staff to discuss your goals, schedule a free demonstration, or find the system that’s most ideally-suited for your specific industry. 

Retail Management Hero is proud to serve the needs of retail stores, ecommerce businesses, corporate chains, and everyone in-between. Our staff can be reached by phone or email by visiting the contact page on our secured website.