Extenda Express AB has signed an exclusive distribution agreement to sell the Retail Management Hero (RMH) point-of-sale solution throughout the Nordic region. As part of their global strategy to expand the RMH distribution base and build strong reseller channels in the retail industry, Retail Management Hero, Inc. selected Extenda Express AB as the exclusive distributor to create a network of experienced and certified resellers, and sell to retailers in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, and Norway.

Extenda Express AB, a leading supplier of store data systems over the last 10 years to smaller and medium-sized retail chains, saw RMH as the natural successor of Microsoft Dynamics RMS. With RMH, Extenda Express AB offers affordable, flexible and simple solutions to high-profile brands in a variety of different business sectors in the Nordic market.

"Becoming an RMH distributor is a big step forward for us as we can continue to cater to our existing partners and customers with retail management systems as well as aggressively attract new partners and resellers," says Peter Larsson, CEO of Extenda Express AB. "We are looking forward to the future because we know that product enhancements and new functionality are high on RMH's product development roadmap. The new RMH Central, which is the headquarters component of RMH, will lead to increased opportunities for resellers while giving store chains high visibility of their entire store enterprise."

In the coming months, Extenda Express AB will continue nurturing and expanding its reseller network and existing customer base, while creating a strong retail ecosystem across the region.

Adds Larsson: "We are now in a phase of recruiting new RMH dealers in the Nordic region. Our experienced team spans a wide range of services, such as project management, development, education and support. We have major growth strategies and plans for RMH this year."


For more information or a reseller application, contact:

Peter Larsson

CEO Extenda Express AB

Tel: 070 547 35 88


For RMH distribution opportunities, contact sales@rmhpos.com.