In beautiful San Jose, Costa Rica is a thriving direct-to-consumer business named CIFA S.A. that is quickly becoming known as a distribution leader of industrial products, hardware and automotive supplies. Earlier this year, they seeded their first store, with the vision of rapidly planting additional stores throughout the country in the coming months.

Jose Estaban Sanchez, head of process planning and control for CIFA S.A., had over the years used other retail management and point-of-sale (POS) systems, but knew none of them would help this company achieve their goals; those software products lacked crucial functionality they would need to thrive in today's retail environment.

This realization started a research journey into potential new systems. In fact, he and his team carefully analyzed four comparable POS systems, and then found a 'hero': Retail Management Hero (RMH).

"Our decision was clear when we saw all the depth of functionality and flexibility for expansion that RMH had when we compared it the other solutions," says Jose. "RMH would enable our small company to continue growing and to also focus on providing a more intelligent, more engaging experience with our customers through targeted loyalty programs and promotions. From a user perspective, we liked the easiness of the system; it was very friendly, modern and adaptable to our needs."

He adds: "From handling our inventory management, promotions, customer loyalty, reporting and many other features, we knew that RMH would equip us with the right functionality to take a giant leap ahead of our competitors---right from the start!"

According to Jose, the ability to track customer payments on his company's accounts receivables is one of the most important features. Also, system flexibility and adaptability were essential requirements for them as a growing retailer in Costa Rica.

"Being able to localize RMH to comply with our country regulations is crucial," he says, "especially considering all the new electronic invoicing regulations that the government is mandating in the retail industry. We have total compliance with RMH and don't have to pay the hefty non-compliance fines."

As any retailer would tell you, implementing and learning a new POS system can be challenging and time-consuming. It's why Jose appreciates AVS Solutions, a leading certified RMH Reseller in the region, because their local support system made all the difference in a smooth installation, training and ongoing support.

Clearly, for this hardware store, CIFA S.A. has all the right POS tools they need to build a successful retail chain.