Last month, Interdyn BMI, Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, with over 30 years of experience, hosted an informative "I love RMS, Why RMH?" webinar. The company's Retail Product Manager, Butch Smith pointed out why Retail Management Hero (RMH) is "Interdyn's BMI primary product for single RMS customers and any other single store customers."

Butch covered the Top 10 differences between Microsoft Dynamics RMS and RMH. He included live demos of the key features and functions to show partners and retailers exactly why RMH is the next-gen POS solution for the already "dead" RMS.

One reason, he stated, for switching to RMH is that the RMS user could retain all their historical data. Butch Smith did a great job of pointing out how retailers can benefit in transitioning to RMH.

Here are Interdyn's TOP 10 reasons for switching from RMS to RMH (as soon as possible):

#1 - Customer Information Security

In RMS, third-party encryption payment modules were available, at a cost. Now RMH has a fully Integrated Credit Card payment solution, which means retailers will not have any costly third-party plugins or add-ons. But wait -- there's more! All the retailer's customer secured information in RMH is integrated with EMV, making PCI Compliance a breeze!

#2 - Customizable Interface

RMH allows retailers to customize the POS screen and provides a robust API for plugin development. Unlike RMS's closed architecture (which is not extensible in any measurable way), RMH's architecture makes it very simple for third-party developers or any in-house IT staff (familiar with HTML and XML) to modify the software. This provides retailers with a definite retail management platform that they can adapt and tailor to meet the specific retail business requirements.

#3 - Stand-Alone Stock Take Application

This Stock Take application can be installed on multiple machines, and RMH has a superior handheld integration that can handle importing data for physical inventory, in a third-party manner, significantly easier than RMS ever did.

#4 - Built-in Loyalty

As the retail industry evolves retailers are becoming more aware that it is much easier to reward and keep a loyal customer than it is to earn a new one. Unavailable in RMS, RMH offers built-in loyalty, based on the widely popular Hero Points and Hero Loyalty program. RMH extends this enhanced ability to offer retailers discounted benefits based on purchases and patronage.

#5 - Accounts Receivable Functionality

Unlike RMS, RMH has separate customer billing accounts and account groups for easy administration, with full revolving and customer payment plan capability.

#6 - Advanced Merchandising

RMH has the ability to do invoice matching and purchase order tracking -- more so than RMS ever did. With RMH retailers can automatically match Invoices and Purchase Order Tracking.

#7 -- Role-Based Security

RMH incorporates extensive role-based securities by allowing retailers to define both Manager and Cashier roles. Each employee may require different access levels, so RMH allows retailers to create individual or granular access per employee, depending on their role.

#8 - Wizards 

RMH has over 40 Wizards, which allow retailers to amass, interchange and update data in considerably more ways than RMS could.

#9 - Cash Register Time Out

RMH allows customizable time to lock each of the POS terminals or screens. Unlike RMS, RMH has definable log-out definitions for supervisors, receivers, account clerks, etc. For example, retailers may want the back-office terminal to time out every hour but they might want to configure the POS screen at an inactive cash register to log out every two minutes. With RMH, they now have those options.

#10 - Automation and Setting Defaults

RMH provides a great array of automation and setting defaults. For example, its order setting masks and item creation functionality allows retailers to facilitate many of the tasks retailers frequently need to do.

To see RMH up close and personal, watch the full Interdyn BMI Webinar or Request a Demo.