In 2015, Microsoft announced the discontinuation of its POS platform Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS). And in July 2021, it officially stopped selling and offering support for the software. This resulted in over 55,000 customers needing to migrate from RMS to another system with similar capabilities. One of the most popular options is Retail Management Hero (RMH), which was specifically designed to serve as a replacement for RMS. And making the RMS to RMH conversion is incredibly simple.

Business owner using RMH point of sale system

RMH is built with core functionality that’s very similar to RMS and works on the same hardware platform. This allows you to seamlessly transition from RMS to RMH using the same database so you don’t have to start from scratch. There’s also minimal downtime when making the migration, and an RMH expert can assist you before the process begins to ensure you know what to expect and take measures to avoid any hiccups.

Because of the similar user interface with RMS, there’s a smaller learning curve for cashiers and managers, allowing them to quickly get up to speed with a shorter ramp-up time than many other platforms. Also, the improved cashier interface makes for quicker, more accurate transactions. In turn, cashiers can efficiently move customers through the checkout line, preventing bottlenecks and long wait times.

Other Key Benefits of RMS to RMH Conversion

  • You retain existing customer data, account numbers, sales history, and other critical data
  • You can keep your current credit card processor (or you can choose another option if you prefer)
  • RMH transfers accounts receivable for less friction with accounting
  • The familiar back-office interface makes reporting simple and intuitive

And if you’re a multi-store business that previously used RMS HQ, you can easily migrate to RMH Central for POS capabilities that suit retailers of any size. Not only that, RMH is highly customizable to accommodate the needs of retailers across a wide range of industries. RMH adapts to the apparel, shoe, gift shop, health food, grocery, wine industries, and many more. No cookie-cutter solutions here.

Also, note that RMH is continually making improvements and adding new features to stay on top of retail needs and changes. That way your business is always at the forefront of POS innovation and can take advantage of cutting-edge capabilities.

Making Your POS Transition Smooth and Seamless

You can learn more about the RMS to RMH conversion process here and find out about the full range of benefits. Or, if you’d like to schedule a free demo, you can do it by filling out a quick form, and we’ll get back to you shortly.