The news of QuickBooks® Point Of Sale (POS) reaching end-of-life has been a shock to many small businesses. This solution was widely used for managing customer transactions, inventory and reporting. As the product will no longer be supported or maintained by Intuit, users of the software must begin searching for alternative point of sale solutions.

It's important to be aware of the implications of end-of-life software. Businesses still using QuickBooks® Point Of Sale will no longer receive updates, upgrades or technical support from Intuit. Additionally, data stored on the software may become vulnerable to security threats as the system won't be receiving any more patches or bug fixes.

RMH can still interface with QuickBooks accounting even though QuickBooks POS is going away!

Fortunately, there are many alternative point of sale solutions available for small business owners. Researching and comparing options can help businesses determine the best fit for their needs. RMH offers an array of features, such as inventory tracking, customer loyalty programs and real-time reporting capabilities.

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