GreenForceRMH by 420Tech, Inc. to give Cannabis-specific retailers best-of-best POS system

Retail Management Hero, Inc. today announced a new partnership with 420Tech, Inc., a leading provider of Cannabis-specific line-of-business software, enabling businesses in the fast-growing legal Cannabis industry to implement best-of-class software solutions customized to meet their unique needs and requirements.

After engaging thousands of operators in the early days of legalized cannabis, 420Tech developed a full suite of seed-to-sale software solutions that address the unique challenges faced in the industry, including compliance and security. To meet the growing demand of retailers in the Cannabis industry needing a POS solution with built-in requirements for selling Cannabis-related products, 420Tech developed GreenForceRMH™, which combines the power of Retail Management Hero's point of sale platform with 420Tech's cannabis-specific solutions.

"We are thrilled to partner with an industry leader like Retail Management Hero," said Tim Belvin, Chief Executive Officer at 420Tech.  "The legal cannabis industry is exploding in the US, Canada, and around the world. Providing a complete, secure and compliant software solution based on years of experience in traditional retail will give our customers the tools to focus on growing their businesses effectively and efficiently. In addition to compliance and security, we've introduced other proven traditional business tools like Business Analytics and Customer Loyalty."

Jeff Riley, Retail Management Hero's CEO, will be introducing the partnership and GreenForceRMH product in his RMH State of the Union address at this month's Retail Realm Partner & User Conference in Las Vegas on August 20, 2018.

"We're delighted that 420Tech has selected RMH as their retail technology platform to develop cannabis industry solutions," said Riley. "Their expertise is in regulatory compliance that these retailers face  and which is constantly changing. Selecting GreenforceRMH offers peace of mind as well as a comprehensive set of POS and inventory management capabilities."

In addition to the full set of RMH's point of sale features, GreenForceRMH offers cannabis-specific solutions such as Complete Compliance Reporting and Analytics, Customer Loyalty, Home Delivery and Mobile, Order-Ahead, Product Recommendation Engine, and Custom White-Label Store Brand solutions.

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About 420Tech: Founded and led by a team of Technology and Retail industry veterans, 420Tech is a Seattle-based software company providing a full line of seed-to-sale business software solutions to the rapidly growing legal cannabis industry.  Branded as GreenForce™ and offering a wide range of specialized features and analytics, the software suite allows growers, processors and retailers to effectively and efficiently manage their business and maximize profits while meeting all industry compliance requirements.

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About Retail Management Hero, Inc.: Founded in 2014, Retail Management Hero, Inc. is a privately-owned software development company focused on continually innovating retail in ways that empower retailers with intuitive point-of-sale (POS) solutions that simplify and streamline store management. The company's flagship product, Retail Management Hero (RMH), was launched early 2016 to give small-to-medium retailers a seamless replacement solution for the sunsetted Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS).