As part of their global strategy to expand the RMH Distribution channel, Retail Management Hero, Inc. has just signed a partner agreement with Emporio UK Ltd. to become the exclusive distributor of the RMH point-of-sale solution in the United Kingdom.

Emporio UK, a leading Microsoft EPoS Value Added Reseller (VAR) for more than a decade, saw RMH as the natural successor for Microsoft Dynamics RMS, which reached end of life (discontinued) in 2016. Known for offering affordable, flexible and clear-cut solutions to high-profile brands in the UK market, the company's addition of RMH will enable them to build a strong reseller channel as well as expand their retailer base across all sectors -- from apparel, to grocery stores, to pubs and sports clubs.

"Becoming an RMH Distributor is a big step forward for us as we can continue to cater to our existing partners and customers as well as aggressively attract new companies," said Martin Farrin, Managing Director at Emporio UK. "We are excited today, and for the future, as we know product development and enrichment are high on the RMH roadmap. The soon-to-be-released RMH Central will allow multi-store management and communication, which will prove to be invaluable for larger retailers."

As the exclusive RMH Distributor for the UK, Emporio UK will focus on nurturing and expanding their reseller network, adding to their own customer base, and creating a strong ecosystem and community in both retail and hospitality sectors throughout the region.

Added Farrin: "We are perfectly positioned to add value to new and existing RMH Resellers in the UK. Our cumulative team experience spans a broad spectrum of services and technologies including project management, development, training and support. We have a lot of great growth strategies and plans for RMH this year."

To learn more about Emporio UK, email them at or visit their website. For RMH distribution opportunities, contact