The grocery industry is truly massive. As of 2023, it was worth a staggering $818.6 billion in the US alone and is continually growing. While big-name chains account for most of the grocery industry, plenty of smaller independent and international grocers play a vital role in serving their communities.

Independent and international grocery store owner

A critical part of competing with their larger counterparts and efficiently running a small to mid-sized grocery store is using the right POS solution. If this is something you’re actively seeking or if you’re simply not satisfied with your current software, Retail Management Hero offers everything you need to keep your grocery store running smoothly.

Here are some of the key features that are perfect for independent and international grocers:

  • Cutting-edge scanners and hardware with touchscreen input technology
  • Embedded barcodes
  • Label printing
  • Shelf-tagging
  • Inventory counting
  • Kiosks for self-service check-out lanes
  • Loyalty programs
  • Direct integration with QuickBooks and other accounting platforms

RMH also offers streamlined payment integration to take all types of payments, including EBT, gift cards, and house accounts. There’s a built-in feature that allows you to round up to the nearest dollar for charity donations. And you can use customized-quick access buttons to efficiently enter common items.

One specific concern for many businesses in the grocery industry is age verification for items like over-the-counter drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. That, too, is covered with the RMH POS system, and there’s an age verification add-on that makes sure you’re following all relevant laws in your area. Further, RMH offers comprehensive reporting so you have a bird’s-eye view of patterns and trends so you can continually refine your business and fuel sustained growth.

Put that all together, and this means several key benefits for independent and international grocers.

  • Ultra-simple functionality so you can manage daily operations with speed and effectiveness
  • Smooth check-out to prevent bottlenecks and increase customer satisfaction
  • Easy grocery store management for streamlined, accurate ordering
  • Robust integrations with several different platforms, including those in e-commerce, accounting, productivity, and analytics
  • Flexible payment options to enable your customers can pay using the method they want
  • Better customer relationships through a positive in-store experience and loyalty programs

Want to learn more about how RMH can help you better manage your grocery store and see it in action? Request your demo today! Or, if you’d like to reach out to us and speak with a sales professional, you can reach us via our secure online contact form.