Managing a retail business is not an easy feat, and managing a multi-store operation is even more challenging. Multi-location retailers need a comprehensive point of sale system that can quickly manage all operations across different stores seamlessly. Since 2019, Retail Management Hero Central has been helping multi-store operators streamline their business operations with its extensive suite of features. And with the latest release, RMH Central has taken it to another level.

Global Store Management Via Store Groups

One of the most significant features of RMH Central is its ability to manage all stores globally. You can manage your stores in groups, allowing you to make adjustments on a group level. The latest release takes store management a notch higher as it can synchronize changes globally, making it much faster and easier. You can synchronize virtually anything, including product classification, price changes, or promotions, to all your stores, quicker than ever before.

Aggregated Reporting

With the latest release from RMH Central, aggregated reports are now easier to access, intuitive to understand, and provide an in-depth insight into your business. With the aggregated reporting feature, you can identify your highest-performing stores, best-selling products, slow-moving products, and make informed decisions about your business with the click of a button.

Global Product List

RMH Central takes the headache out of product management for multi-store operators. With the latest release, retailers can manage their product catalog universally, faster than before. It’s simple to add a new product, delete an old one, and review current inventory at any store in real time. That’s not all – retailers can also maintain individual store pricing and inventory levels – all thanks to the global product list feature.

Global Customer Lookup

Keeping track of customer data across distributed systems can be a struggle. With the latest version of RMH Central, managing customer data just got a whole lot faster. You can access customer profiles for all stores, simplifying the maintenance of customer data and making it easy to provide a seamless customer experience.

Look Up Out of Stock Inventory in Other Stores

The latest release also includes an excellent feature that enables retailers to look for out-of-stock inventory in other stores. This feature empowers retailers to satisfy customers even when a specific item is not available in a store. The feature works well to reduce wait times for customers and provides a unique advantage to multi-store operators.

Retail Management Hero’s latest release is a massive boon for multi-store retailers. Retailers can easily manage their entire operation at a group level, access precise data insights, and stay ahead of the competition. With its latest release, RMH Central is redefining how multi-store retailers manage their operations and seamlessly connect with their customers. It’s no wonder that RMH Central continues to be the most preferred point of sale system for multi-store retailers today.

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