The 2022 Retail Management Hero Partner Conference was held September 14th-16th in Orlando, Florida. More than 70 RMH resellers from across the globe attended RMH’s first in-person conference since 2019. The following is a recap of the three-day agenda filled with RMH & partner presentations covering a wide array of topics.

Orlando waterfront skyline at night

Day 1

RMH State of the Union

As is tradition for RMH conferences, CEO Jeff Riley’s State of the Union address covered a RMH business update and overview of where the organization has been in the past year, as well as what the plans are for the future. Playing to the conference theme of Taking Aim, Riley drilled down into specific examples of RMH resellers collaborating with each other, understanding their strengths, and where they might need help to successfully deliver a complete tailored solution solving unique business needs.

Reseller Panel

Dan Jablons of Retail Smart Guys hosted a panel of some of the most successful RMH resellers, including Dan King (New West), Javier Rivera (BCPOS), and Paul Flowers (STG) to share their insights on how to grow your RMH business. Jim Roddy of RSPA also joined the panel to share his insight from an industry perspective. The panel covered a lot of ground, but two things everyone agreed on were: keep in regular contact with your customers and make sure you are adding value, or the next guy will.

Pool Supplies & Franchise

Brian Green of Sun Wholesale presented an overview of the work his team has done to customize RMH and begin deployment to Pinch A Penny, the largest pool supplies company in the US, and now an RMH customer because of Brian’s efforts.

Sponsor Speed Intro

The Sponsor Speed Intro was an opportunity for each of the 22 Conference Sponsors to give an elevator pitch to the audience of resellers to get a better idea for what each company has to offer. The RMH team would like to thank all of the sponsors for helping make the 2022 RMH Partner Conference a great event for everyone.

Vertical Experts – Grocery

Abel Tovar & Victor Lopez of Xpertwise gave a presentation about the Grocery industry, including some of the customization and extensions they’ve built specific to this vertical, which include a kiosk ordering system, and changes to the RMH UI and workflows to meet the demands of their customers.

Bluestar new offerings – Smartify & Loop

Mark Fraker of Bluestar, a global distributor for more than 13,000 VARs in over 120 countries, reviewed services they offer to VARs including hardware, marketing, finance, and more. He then introduced Joe Kunigonis (Smartify) & Jim Nork (Loop) to present their respective solutions. Both Smartify, a digital billboard advertising service and Loop EV charging stations are new offerings recently made available by Bluestar to RMH resellers.

Retail by the Numbers

Dan Jablons of RSG took the stage again, this time to talk about what he’s passionate about – how retailers can use numbers to make more money. An actor, along with being a retail expert, Jablons kept the audience’s attention throughout with real world examples and a few well-timed jokes.

ERP Panel

In the final session of Day 1, Riley moderated a panel of some of the most experience ERP partners in the RMH Community including Rene Santos (Dynamics Global Enterprise Systems), Masood Mahmood (x2x eCommerce), Louis Piedra (Business Integrated IT), and Abel Tovar (Xpertwise). This was timely session for the RMH community as RMH resellers around the globe pursue larger and larger customer opportunities with specific requirements for inventory, financials, reporting, and analytics.

Awards Banquet

The marathon of a day concluded with a dinner and awards banquet where Riley and Israel Morrison, RMH Channel Development Manager, presented the 2022 Awards winners. This year’s awards included company awards, individual awards, and RMH staff awards. The RMH team would like to congratulate all of this year’s winners:

Company Awards

Winning Company

RMH Partner of the Year 2022

New West Technologies

RMH Distributor of the Year 2022

Business Integrated IT

Top Contributing Partner 2022

Falcons Nest Business Solutions

Industry Focus 2022

Sun Wholesale

Developer of the Year 2022

Modus Technologies

Vendor of the Year 2022

CMS Max Inc

International Reseller of the Year 2022

Business Computer POS



Individual Awards

In Recognition of your Contributions to the RMH Community



Jay Patel

Modus Technologies

Ruben Fernandes

EZB Solutions

Tae Kang

POS Unlimited

Tim Sheldon

Systems Technology Group

Margaret Bourke

Positive System Solutions

Garret Stone

Sun Wholesale

Orlando Fernandez

Inversiones 2016

Luis Fiallos

La Red Software

Roberto Monge

AVS Solutions



RMH Staff Awards

Outstanding RMH Team Member Award

Aditi Shelke

Retail Management Hero

Rowena Hart

Retail Management Hero

Neil Gladner

Retail Management Hero

Andrey Aistov

Retail Management Hero

Day 2

RMH Development Update

Day 2 kicked off with two of the most anticipated sessions. Anastas Daskalov, RMH Dir. Of Development, gave an update on what the development team has been working on over the past year. Starting with a joke about ‘hidden messages’ our partners have found in the software, covering the rapid rate of software bugs resolved and ending with an intro of RMH’s new Product Manager, Neil Gladner, Daskalov’s presentation was well received and added to partner’s confidence that the RMH software is accelerating in the right direction.

RMH Product Roadmap

After being introduced as the newly anointed RMH Product Manager, Neil Gladner outlined the tactical and strategic methods RMH will use going forward to prioritize development efforts with an emphasis on leveraging partner and customer feedback to build features that improve the software experience for all. Gladner also gave an overview of some of the key features at the top of the priority list including Age Verification & Predictive Ordering.

Vertical Experts – Liquor & Wine

Pratik Patel and Sanket Patel of Modus Technologies took the stage for the final Vertical Expert presentation of the conference, this one focused on the Liquor and Wine industry. Pratik covered some of the trends in the industry, while Sanket, a liquor store owner himself, focused on the development their team has done to modify the RMH software for the industry including integrations to State specific reporting and extensions to streamline the inventory ordering & receiving process across suppliers.

Implementation Panel

Jim Roddy of RSPA moderated a panel of RMH implementation experts, Paul Husted (Falcons Nest), Margaret Bourke (PSS, Ireland), and Victor Lopez (Xpertwise). The discussion revolved around how to best set yourself and the customer up for a successful implementation and software experience.


Anthony Ludmilin, RMH CTO, gave an exciting technical update of how using FLASH for RMH Central communication and sync will drastically improve the speed and performance of the system. Currently in the Beta phase now, RMH Central FLASH will be rolled out to the partner channel soon.

Payments Hour

The final session of Day 2 was an opportunity for the audience to learn more about the RMH Payments ecosystem and hear from the payment sponsors at the event. The lively discussion and Q&A went through several aspects of the latest happenings in the payments industry and how RMH partners can best leverage the products and services of each payment provider.

Day 3

Before flying back to their home bases, each RMH Distributor and Reseller had an opportunity to join the RMH team at the Distributor and Reseller meetings, the final events of the conference. The discussions were open, honest, and positive with various conversations about how to best leverage the resource RMH provides along with the resources available through the rest of the worldwide RMH community.

RMH would like to thank all of the sponsors who supported the 2022 RMH Partner Conference, we wouldn’t have been able to do it without you!




New West Technologies


Retail Realm

x2x eCommerce


Retail Smart Guys



Metropolitan Sales

MS Cashdrawer

Touch Dynamic

Blue Chip


Custom America

Bold Payments

Payment Logistics




Falcons Nest

Cashworld Automation