Everybody knows it is what's inside that matters most. And as famous retail store chains throughout Costa Rica and specialized in selling undergarments, lingerie and fabrics, Super Intima and La Favorita know this best.

These family-owned retail stores have, after all, built a fiercely loyal customer base and strong brand trust over many years to be referred to by the locals as the "historical stamps" of San José. They've become known for both their quality products and their deep cultural ties to the community.

It's why they ensure everything inside their store is constantly authentic, reliable and top-grade -- including their new point-of-sale solution, Retail Management Hero (RMH), which is now running in 17 of their stores and 51 POS lanes.

A Retail Environment Built on Trust

The owners of Super Intima and La Favorita first learned about RMH from their trusted solution developer and provider, AVS, whose co-founder had a longtime successful track record with Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS). AVS was known in the Latin America region for selling into and supporting big retail stores with software for printing houses, integration of public services payments, interactive platforms, electronic invoices, integrations with Quickbooks and Intuit ... and most recently their experience with RMH.

"We leveraged our experience and expertise working with large retailers regarding software implementation challenges to help Super Intima and La Favorita make the transition from RMS to RMH as seamless as possible," said Roberto Monge, Owner/IT Director of AVS.

Out with the Old, and in with the New

With the now end-of-life RMS product, Super Intima had not only needed to upgrade to a next-gen POS product, but they also needed to unify the POS technology of their sister company, La Favorita -- who was using an in-house software development -- with the same solution. In July 2017, they implemented RMH for both businesses.

A key RMH feature that helped seal the deal: the RMH POS user interface. It had the similar overall look and feel they had come to appreciate in RMS, with added functionality and options. They were also attracted to the product's RMS HQ integration, the robust Loyalty features around customer discounts and promotions, and the diverse number of available reports.

"They've become really successful by leveraging the benefits of a strong customer loyalty program, and we were able to give them through our RMH integration added functionality for customer points recognition, POS interfaces, process automation, report variety and customization, and more," added Monge.

The Perfect Fit

When it comes to customers' longtime trust in the Super Intima and La Favorita brands, it's only fitting that a retail software solution is just as trusted from the inside out. With RMH, these retail store chains can continue providing, tracking and improving the customer service that has helped make them so successful -- with the proven software reliability and functionality they expect.