By now, you've likely heard how Retail Management Hero (RMH) is the next-gen point-of-sale (POS) solution for the beloved (and sunsetted) Microsoft Dynamics RMS. And, you probably saw that a network of resellers across the globe is selling RMH to small-to-medium retailers in almost any market.

But, you may not know that the product's developers, Retail Management Hero, Inc. is also aggressively expanding their global network of RMH Distributors --- and there's opportunities for retail software entrepreneurs to jump onboard.

We listed the Top 5 questions most prospective RMH Distributors ask, and sat down with Retail Management Hero's International Distribution Manager, Mario Reburiano to enlighten us all.

What does an RMH Distributor do?

Think of an RMH Distributor as an entrepreneur who builds a business in a selected region or territory selling the RMH solution direct to existing customers as well as developing/managing a reseller ecosystem. It's similar to a franchise concept in that the distributors are granted a license by Retail Management Hero, Inc. to market RMH products and services in a specific territory. As RMH advocates, they represent and champion the brand.

They differ from RMH Resellers in that they can then build and nurture their own reseller channel while also selling direct. Distributors will ideally build consulting services around the RMH solution and also manage a network of consultants to deliver a premium solution and service to retailers in the marketplace, which will include providing education, training, support, etc.

How is becoming an RMH Distributor different from other distribution opportunities?

What makes the RMH Distributor opportunity especially enticing to entrepreneurs and business owners is that we offer complete exclusivity. This means if you are the certified RMH Distributor for a specific region, only you are able to shape the reseller ecosystem there. Partner leads come directly to you. You're not competing with other RMH Distributors, which enables you to hone in on the most effective sales and marketing strategies without having to worry about outside distributors encroaching. It's an opportunity for you to be first to market in an exclusive region with a solution that is fast-growing worldwide and that leverages the latest cutting-edge technologies.

What is the profile of the typical RMH Distributor?

First and foremost, we look for dedication and a total belief in the RMH solution. We want only the most passionate and most committed who are laser-focused on proactively promoting it. Some of our distributors are former distributors/resellers of either Microsoft Dynamics RMS or an existing POS system, and have both the strong expertise and the experience not only in software but in the retail industry. We are looking for distributors who are ready to build cohesive and long-term relationships with their partners/resellers. Nurturing those relationships and setting partners up for success is crucial.

On a personal note, I've really enjoyed sharing different ideas with our existing distributors for how to grow the business and seeing their creativity in leveraging their own sales and marketing resources. For example, our distributor in the Philippines recently initiated a very successful RMH Partner event in their region, and I was thrilled to see a packed room of current and prospective resellers.

The distributors we've brought on board so far all have this strong determination to saturate the market; they're able to see what we're doing on a global corporate level and can localize it (a replicate-and-amplify strategy). I appreciate how they're experts not only in the software but also in partner and customer relationships. Honestly, it's inspiring for me to see how hardworking they are in their pursuit of excellence.

What are a couple key benefits of distributing RMH?  

There is a huge demand for RMH in the SMB space right now, especially after the announcement of the end of life for Microsoft Dynamics RMS. Literally thousands of retailers are actively looking for a next-gen replacement solution, which means a lot of opportunity for an ambitious distributor to develop a strong network of partners, resellers and customers.

Also, as mentioned earlier, the distributor exclusively owns the business for RMH -- all RMH sales coming from their assigned territory will have to go through them. Distributors are able to implement ideas and enhancements as part of their consultancy in their chosen demographic -- and target anybody from small to large companies in all types of verticals. They can build the market at the speed that the market requires, without waiting on anybody. Essentially, the sky is the limit in terms of building their business.

What is the overall vision for RMH distribution in the next couple of years?

Our ultimate goal is to make RMH available in each of the countries worldwide through the distributors that we have selected. These distributors will provide a much quicker response time to address the needs of their partners in terms of order processing, software orientation, product demonstration, certification trainings, customer service, and technical support.

I feel blessed to help lead that initiative to grow our distribution and put that RMH brand stamp on every single territory worldwide. So, if you're even thinking about distributing RMH, get in on the ground floor now because soon your desired territory might no longer be available. Watch out world... RMH is coming!

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